Previous Programmes

2014 - 2019



Sat*  18th May        Roger Swan             Something different!

                                  RMAS Painting Challenge judging see challenge page for rules and further details

Wed** 1st May        Phil Biffen               Paint along Owl in flight ~ Chiaroscuro

                       Please bring along watercolour paper and paints and a waterproof black chisel felt tip pen

                                                              Change to programme

Sat*   20th Apr        Kevin Clarkson        Coastal in acrylic

Wed*   3rd Apr        Helen Taylor            Animals in gouache

Sat*   23rd Mar        John Hawke             Coastal or Rural Kent in oil

Wed*   6th Mar        Curtis Tappenden    Painting with poetry

Sat*    23rd Feb       John Hoffman          Pastels     

Wed**   6th Feb       Kate Western           Paint along  - Please bring watercolours, pencil and scrap paper

Sat*     19th Jan       Mark Fisher             Beach Scene with groynes in acrylic

Wed*      9th Jan      Tony Parsons           Caractures in marker pen


Sat    17th Nov       RMAS Member only

Mulled wine on arrival ~ Reindeer themed Christmas card competition (1 card per member and originals only)

Macarron topped mince pies and refreshment during the break ~ please bring along a picture for a friendly critique by Phillippa Goddard ~ followed by Christmas raffle and fun auction of any mince pies and mulled wine left.
                  Please bring outstanding Membership renewals of £18

Wed** 7th Nov       Annabel Church Smith   

                              Kate Western                   Paint along ~ Sunflowers any medium including collage

                              bring your own material but reference photos are available

Sat**  20th Oct       Annie Begley                   Ceramics ~ hands on demonstration with materials provided

Wed*   3rd Oct       Alan Colledge                  Birds in watercolour

Sat*    22nd Sept    Stephen Cheeseman        Horse Racing or Tour de France in oil pastels

                                  This meeting is in the Old School ~ 2 minutes walk to Church Lane

Wed*   5th Sept      Michael Samson               Speed Painting ~ Landscape in oil

Wed*   10th Jan    Dee E Wild             Rosemary Hignett -  Palette knife techniques in oils

Sat *    27th Jan    Phillippa Goddard   Fun with resist  with oil pastels, wax crayons and watercolour

Wed **  7th Feb    Paint along with Phillippa Goddard

                            Marsh Landscapes in oil pastels, wax crayons and watercolour resist

Sat *    24th Feb   Nikki Barratt         Horses in Movement in watercolour

Wed *    7th Mar   Nikki Griffith        Mixed Media Landscape

Sat *    24th Mar   Brian Oxley          Stephen Thompson Spring Landscape in Mixed Media

Wed*     4th Apr   Jane Dwight          Exotic birds and flowers Chinese brush painting

Sat*    28th Apr    Juliette Dodd        Portraiture with models from the audience

Wed ** 9th May   Anne Payne           Helen Taylor ~ paint along Scatty Chickens using inks and quills

                                    Helen will supply feathers, photo references and ink if necessary.  Please bring along your own watercolour paper

Sat*    26th May  David Aspinall        Figures and buildings in watercolour


Sat *     7th     Oct      Charles Newington     Will Taylor       Animals in charcoals

Wed **  25th   Oct       Kate Western - Flat Pack Still Life Paint a Long A3 size, any medium please bring your own equipment

Sat *     11th    Nov      Csilla Orban    City Scapes in acrylic


Saturday 25th November *   AGM and Christmas Meeting for RMAS Members only please.

Mulled wine on arrival, robin themed Christmas card competition ( 1 card per member and originals please ), macaroon topped mince pies and refreshments during the break, bring along a picture for a friendly critique by Phillippa Goddard, Christmas raffle and fun auction of any left over mince pies and mulled wine.




Sat      Oct 8th *         Terry Harrison           TV personality Autumn Landscapes in acrylic

Wed    Oct 19th **       Jeff Phipps               Paint along - Galloping Horse in charcoal (please bring your own materials)

Sat      Nov 12th *        Juliette Dodd            Portraiture in pastel - live model


Sat      Nov 26th          AGM - Christmas Meeting   RMAS MEMBERS ONLY

Mulled wine on arrival - snowman themed Christmas card competition (1 card per member and originals only) - macaroon topped mince pies and refreshments during break - please bring a picture for friendly critique by Phillippa Goddard - Christmas raffle and fun auction.


Wed     Jan 11th*          Cathy Bird               The Delicacy and Translucency of Flowers in watercolour

Sat       Jan 28th**         Vanessa Jayne         Creative Techniques in oil

Wed     Feb 8th**          Dawn O'Sullivan       Paint along - skies and twilight in medium of your choosing

                                                                   (please bring your own materials)

Sat       Feb 25th*          Paul Mitchell           City Scenes and Rural Views in acrylic

Wed     Mar 8th*            Caromin Louw        Local Kentish Scenes in watercolour

Sat       Mar 25th*          Geoff Thorpe          London Scenes with a palette knife

Wed     Apr 5th*             Keith Collins          Paint along - street scenes with rain and reflections

                                                                   (please bring your own materials)

Sat       Apr 29th*           John Hoffman         Sunlight with vibrant pastels

Wed     May 10th**        Laura Froude          BA Hons ATC - Painting from pleinair sketches - Reality to Abstract

Sat       May 27th*          Sue Bradley             Fiery Flamenco Dancers using brush effects with gouache and salt


May 27th 2017            Anthony Neil          Village scene in line and watercolour wash



Previous demonstrations 2015/16

21st May *     Sat                 Brian Oxley                      Marsh landscapes in oils
16th Apr *     Sat                  Josephine Hudson           Waterfalls and reflections in watercolour

4th May **     Wed                Anne Payne                     Paint along - local scenes in pen and watercolour

6th Apr *       Wed                Cathy Hill                         Whimsical paintings - oil crayons and knitting needles

19th Mar *     Sat                 Philip Biffin                       Drawings in ink and watercolour
2nd Mar  *     Wed                Phyllis McDowell               Mixed Media
13th Feb *     Sat                  John Hoffman                   Portraits in pastels
3rd Feb **      Wed               Kay Curtis                         Paint along - Dungeness in watercolour and acrylics

16th Jan  *     Sat                 Julie King BA (Hons)           Flowers and Garden Landscapes in watercolour

Nov 21st        Sat                 AGM / CHRISTMAS MEETING  - RMAS MEMBERS ONLY     

Oct 21st  **    Wed               Keith Collins                     Paint-along with water colours
Nov 7th  *      Sat                 David Aspinall                   Street Scenes in watercolour

Oct 10th *      Sat                 Paul Apps                          Farm animals in Oils     


Previous demonstrations 2014/15

May 6th                           Keith Collins                            Paint a long in watercolour

April 19th                         Geoff Thorpe                            Atmospheric seascape in pastels

April 8th                           Sue Williams/John Shave         Twice the Fun - duet
March 21st                       Hardip Bhamra                        Dynamic instant acrylics
March 4th                         Jane Dwight                            Chinese brush work - exotic birds and flowers  
February 14th                   Brett Hudson                           Caricatures - comical and humorous
February 4th                     Alan Luff                                 Jazz singers and the Romney Marsh paint a long
January 17th                     Richard Larkin                         Coastal storm in interactive acrylics     
January 7th                       Brian Oxley                             Still life in oils
November 22nd                                                                AGM
November  8th                   Joe Dowden                             Landscapes with water in watercolour
October  11th                    Alan Colledge                           British Wildlife in watercolour
October 22nd                    Kay Curtis                                Landscape paint-along in watercolour

Jan 8th                             Curtis Tappenden                   Verse and townscapes a pastel demonstration
Jan 18th                           Dawn O'Sullivan                      Semi abstract a luscious oils demonstration
Feb 5th       **                  Keith Collins                           Paint along Landscapes wet in wet watercolour
Feb 15th                          David Aspinall                        Kentish Scenes with People a watercolour demonstration
March 5th                        Andrew Blythe                         Loose Flowing Watercolour Landscapes
March 22nd                     Melanie Cambridge                 Estuary Moods a mixed media demonstration
April 9th                          Geoff Thorpe                          Buildings using oils with a palette knife
April 19th                        Bruce Argue                            Portraits in Pastel (model from audience) demonstration
May 14th                         Helen Taylor                           Paint-along on black

Oct 8                            Stephen Thompson                Landscapes of The Marsh in oils
Oct 23    **                   Alan Luff                                Paint-along Marsh Landscapes
Nov 9                           Phillippa Goddard                   Controlling your acrylics
Nov 23   **                   AGM/Christmas Meeting
                                    Bring a picture for friendly critique by Alan Luff, Christmas card competition
                                    (1 card per member originals only), mince pies, raffle.