President ~ Mrs Anne Payne

Executive Committee

Chairman ~

Society & Exhibition Treasurer
~ Mrs Chris Ware

Secretary ~
Mrs Phillippa Goddard


Officers & Committe Members

Vice Chairman Mrs Kate Western

Membership Secretary ~ Mrs Janet Batchelor

  Programme Secretary ~ Mrs Wendy Thompson

Publicity Officer  ~ Mrs Gwen Kildea

Website Editor ~ Nicola Liddell

Mr John Easton


Silvia, Jackie, Roy

Name of Society

Romney Marsh Art Society, referred to in this document as 'The Society'.


Mrs Anne Payne

Executive Committee


General Treasurer


Officers & Committee members

Vice Chairman

Exhibition Treasurer

Membership Secretary

Programme Secretary

Website Editor

Plus Committee Members ( a total of 10 Committee Members)



To promote and encourage interest in visual arts by providing talks, painting days, demonstrations in various media and an annual exhibition.  Photography in any form is excluded.  Non-members will be welcome at demonstrations and workshops/painting days on payment of the appropriate fee.  The AGM remains a ‘members only’ meeting.

Membership Rules

1.  Anyone over the age of 16 may apply for membership of The Society by completing the necessary form and returning it to the Membership Secretary.  Should there be a full membership, the applicant will be added to the Waiting List.

2.  Ordinary membership shall be unrestricted and to residents within a 25mile radius of New Romney.  Any member leaving the area my continue their membership as an Associate Member.

3.  Honorary membership may be awarded at the discretion of the Committee to anyone who it is felt has provided exceptional and sustained service to the Society.  An Honorary member will have their subscription waived but have the same rights as an ordinary member.

4.  Membership to The Society is for the benefit of all Members.

5.  With the committee’s prior approval, promotional material for members’ own events may be discretely placed at any of The Society’s events.  A member may not directly imply in their promotional material or advertising that their own event is part of any of The Society’s events.

6. A Condition of Membership is that members abide by the Rules and Constitution of The Society. If a member or committee member abuses their membership they will be reminded of the society rules and constitution.  If a member or Committee Member continues to abuse their membership they will be asked to resign


Subscriptions Membership Subscription is set at the Annual General Meeting and is due on acceptance of membership.  Annual subscriptions are due for renewal on 1st October each year.  Anyone who fails to renew by the 31st October will cease to be a member of the Society and their place may be offered to a person on the Waiting List.

Management of the Society

1. The Committee is responsible for running The Society and shall meet as and when necessary.  The Chair may call a Committee Meeting giving not less than 7 days' notice. 

2. The Financial year runs from 1st October - 30th September. The Programme year runs from 1st October – 31st May.  Additional activities may be provided after this time.     
3. The Committee of 10 shall be elected at the AGM from paid-up members.  The election of Officers from the Committee and relevant duties shall be decided by the Committee. 

4. The Executive Committee shall consist of Chair, General Treasurer and Secretary and be responsible for the administration of property, funds and affairs of The Society.  The Vice Chair will deputize when necessary. 

5. In addition, the Society shall have the following Officers: Vice Chair, Exhibition Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Programme Secretary and Web Editor plus further Committee Members 

6. In addition to the committee The Society will have an Honorary President elected by the membership at an AGM and remaining without re-election until such time as they resign.  Although the President may attend committee meetings he or she has no voting rights. 

7. The period of office for a Committee Member is one year. They may stand for re-election.  

8. A quorum of five (not including the President) shall be necessary for a Committee meeting to take place.

9. The Executive Committee shall have the power to replace committee members as necessary during the year and to co-opt members for special purposes.   


The Annual General Meeting will be held in November whenever possible. 

Members wishing to make proposals should put the proposal in writing which should be in the hands of the Secretary not less than two weeks before the date of the meeting.

Only members who have paid their subscriptions before, or at, the AGM may attend the meeting. 

The business shall include:

1. Matters Arising (including amendments to the Constitution).

2. A General Report by the Chair on the progress of the Society.

3. Audited Financial Statement by the General Treasurer and adoption of the accounts.

4. Audited Financial Statement by the Exhibition Treasurer and adoption of the accounts. 

5. Appointment of Auditor (should there be a problem in finding an auditor, this could be a member of the Society but not a Committee Member).

6. Election of Committee.

7. Any Other Business 

8. Date of next AGM 

Minutes shall be kept of all Meetings, either General or Committee, and shall be read or previously distributed before each meeting. 


In the event that the Society is wound up, for any reason, responsibility for the disbursement of funds and all other assets rests with the Committee.  In doing so the Committee will take into account the needs of local artistic ventures. 

RMAS respects the privacy of its members and fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018  

Revised Constitution accepted by the membership at 2018 AGM