Romney Marsh Art Society

1958 ~ 2018

Celebrating 60 years of art on the Romney Marsh


Jan Szymczuk ~ Autumn in acrylics

Jan was previously in the Metropolitan police force and used his artistic skills to sketch a suspect from a witness at the scene of an armed robbery and the rest they say is history.  He was also a contestant on the BBC's Big British Painting Challenge in 2015 and later went on to become the SAA's ambassador for their acrylic paint.



Jan used a 16'' x 20'' bare canvas, Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow (deep), red and orange, Venetian Red, Burnt and Raw Umber, Black, Permanent Magenta and Dioxine Violet acrylic to paint his autumn scene.  All of the acrylics were kept damp by using his stay wet palette - a piece of canvas on damp sponges.


Jan used tape to mark the horizon and mixed paints next to each other on the palette to give a greater variation and harmony of colours.

Dry and wet flat brushes were used to apply the Lemon Yellow and white paint in random strokes for the sky to make it appear more natural. 



Both yellow and orange paint was drawn down the canvas with a dry brush to show the reflection in the water.  By using a dry brush it allows the under painting to dry quickly.




Dark oranges and browns were used to build up the river bank in the back ground.  The Lighter colours in the foreground give the  impression of water and reflections.  Brown Umber, Black and Cadmium Red were chosen to give a good contrast for the tree trunk against the river.  The branches were achieved by turning a rigger brush as the paint was applied leaving fine tips but not a lot of detail at this point.



Jan used a damp sponge to apply varying shades of orange, red and brown from light to dark to form the leaves making sure that he constantly changed the direction of his hand so that uniform shapes didn't occur.  In places he repainted the trunk and branches and made sure that spaces were left so that the sky came through and built up darker areas in shadow.

The trunk and branches in places had to be repainted and darkened and leaves and branches were refined to give a canopy effect of the tree.




Jan introduced stones to the river using the corner of a flat brush and random strokes ensuring that they were smaller in the distance and bigger in the foreground.  Highlights to the stones and ripples to the water were added with a rigger brush.



Jan painted individual leaves and foliage in the foreground and finished off with watered down white paint flicked on with a rigger brush.  A final application of red with the sponge to add more leaves but the secret is knowing when to stop.






Congratulations to Doris Steere who was made an Honorary Member

in recognition of her many years supporting the

Romney Marsh Art Society



Members and guest who all came together to celebrate 60 years of the Romney Marsh Art Society




Committee members and guest demonstrator Jan Szymczuk




Thank you to all the committee

who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event so special



 Jeff Phipps our Chairman welcoming everyone to our celebration and cutting the cake



Celebration buffet










Thank you to Sheila Mirley and Ann Wimble who prepared and made the refreshments

during the afternoon


Thank you to Sally Fryer who made the delicious celebration cakes



Nicola Liddell

Website Editor ~ June 2018